Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wow, It's Been A Long Time!

Well now, it has been a really long time since I blogged last. I figured it's about time to get back to it. It's been a really long few months with all the holidays and the other personal junk that's been going on around here and still is. The most heartbreaking thing that happened to us though was the loss of our "baby" Tippi. He was our cat and a big part of our family since Chip and I don't have kids. Chip had him even before I met him 8 yrs ago and they had a special bond between them.

Before Christmas I was working on my family genealogy and put together a book for my mom and grandmother as Christmas gifts. I still have a lot of work on it still to do but I have my grandmother going over the info I gave her to help me fine tune what else I need to put in it. Overall its over 100 pages long and includes 4 different branches of the family. The best thing about doing the genealogy though was finding new distant relatives I never knew I had? By going into the different Surname forums and inquiring about certain relatives I found a lot of others researching the same info. only to find that we were related. It really does help a lot too when you have others with some of the same stories you've heard about all your life being told by others you just met and being able to get new info from them as well as share your own.

Overall the last few months have been kind of depressing other than the time I spent researching my genealogy since it's been so cold. Chip and I have pretty much been hibernating til it does get warmer. I'm really just not a winter person. I prefer the fall and spring. In the last 3 months or so we probably only filled our gas tank about maybe 3 times which tells you how much we have been out of the house.

Oh well, enough depressing info for now. Spring will be here soon enough and we'll get out and enjoy life a little more but til then I guess I need to blog a little more to keep my spirits up til then. Til next time:)

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