Monday, February 16, 2009

A Blog About Valentines Day and Twitter

Well I'm back and in a blogging kinda mood:) Chip and I had a very nice Valentines Day. We went out to dinner at The Crab Shack and had a delicious seafood dinner. Chip had to have a couple of teeth pulled a few days ago so his mouth was not feeling too good but it had healed enough to where he could eat something a little softer like seafood instead of a steak which is really what he wanted I think? When we arrived we were told it would be an hour and a half wait so we stuck it out. It pretty much worked out to be that long although I would have thought when the tables were called and noone showed up that the wait would be shorter when those people lost their table but no such luck.

I'm a little ticked off that we had to wait so long but what can you do it's Valentines Day?

Once we got our table we already knew what we wanted, I think it was called the Seaside Platter to split with fish, shrimp, scallops, fries, and cole slaw. YUMO!

After eating the platter we were still a little hungry so we ordered the clam chowder. That was delish too with lots of clams.

What made the day so much more fun was the fact that after we had dinner and went to Wally World to get some things, I had taken some pics while we were out and when I got back home I got on the computer and went to twitter and shared what we did with my followers. Lately I got back into "tweeting" more after being away from it for a while. I had fogotten how much fun and addicting it is. That simple little question "What are you doing" makes you want to tell the world what you are doing at that moment however "stupid" or "boring" it is. Why is that? I really can't figure that out for the life of me but I'm compelled to do it. It's gotten so lately when I wake up that is the first thing on my mind is to go to twitter and chat with the world?

Now I've started a quest on twitter to TWEET THE WORLD! I'm reseaching at least 1 or 2 people from each state in the US and on each continent to follow and hopefully they will follow me back? SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP ME BEFORE I GO TWEETIE!!! LOL

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