Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Do You Like To See In A Blog?

Hello Peeps,

I've been up all night doing some research on blogging, social media, adsense, and other related topics. What I have discovered is a world that has really developed into this huge opportunity to do something I believe I would enjoy and may make a little money at in the process if done correctly?

Now, I've always been interested in writing, but I've never really figured out exactly what I wanted to write about? I tend to be a little (I guess?) ADD in that I will find something that interests me for a little while and then I get bored with it and move on to something else. In my life I've had several different jobs, mostly in customer service (like selling that junk on tv like the old Jerry Springer videos), but I've also been a peer counselor's aide, done volunteer work in a hospital, spent around 10 years as part of a country/western wheelchair dance group that did exhibition type shows around the east coast and been a sort of a "scout" leader for children with disabilities with the Winners On Wheels program.

All these jobs and activities I've been a part of were great and I wouldn't trade the experiences for anything but in a way I wish I had been blogging at the time I was doing them. Now granted at the times I was doing these things blogging was not even invented yet but how nice it would of been to have a written record of what I was doing and how I was feeling at the time.

This "somewhat" new thing called blogging has really opened up a world that I am looking forward to participating in. Now granted. I am the first to say that I am not a great writer and to tell the truth I'm kinda out of practice since I've been out of college almost 20 years but I want to try and give it a shot?

My first objective is to try and create blogs with interesting content. That may be easier said than done but I'm going to do some experimenting and see how things go? Once I create the blogs, then the next step I'm going to try is getting the traffic to my blogs. Then, if by some miracle, I manage to get some descent traffic to my blogs I'll see about adding some adsense adds and see how that goes to see if it's worth trying to make a little extra income through this new type of media?

Almost all this information is something I've learned through watching the youtube videos tonight and reading relevent tweets on twitter. One set of youtube videos I'd recommend watching is just about everything you can find that Joel Comm has put on there. He is very quickly becoming my guide/guru to social media studies and how to properly use them. I'm planning to purchase his latest book TWITTER POWER and probably others he's written as well. If you are interested in social media and blogging as a career and you have not checked out his youtube videos then you would be doing yourself a great disservice. This is just one of the many he has on youtube.

I actually just discovered Joel on twitter the other night during his Tweet-A-Thon that he was hosting. I was on twitter as usual and I kept seeing all these RT/retweets about the live Tweet-A-Thon at this web site, so I clicked it and watched it the rest of the night. I really enjoyed it so I started following @joelcomm and discovered that he's made a fortune in this business. If I could just end up making a pinky full of what he's made doing this then I would be extatic!

Well, I guess you could say that that is my "business" plan as of now but I'm always going to do more research on the subject because I'm sure it will only grow in the future. Please help me with some research by taking my little survey in the top left corner about the types of blogs you like to see and feel free to comment on this blog and elaborate about the kinds of content you enjoy in blog reading. Thank you.

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