Monday, September 29, 2008

A Blog About This Past Week

I thought I'd just blog about my week. Well today I watched the Redskins/Cowboy game. YEAH REDSKINS! They won it! It was a close one at the end though. Going back to Monday though,I went to go see my grandmother who will be turning 88 yrs old in Oct. I hadn't seen her in a while which was entirely my fault. I need to take more time to go visit with her. Our visit was very nice though. I gathered some family information from her (this is my mother's mother) and have been working again this week on our family history and have gone back a few generations. Soon I will be getting quite a bit of information from my 3rd cousin in WV who has traced our family for quite a while and has a lot of info and pictures her aunt left her. That will definitely help me with my research although it will only be on my grandmother's mothers side of the family, I still have some to do on her father's side although I have gone back to 1800 already with him but I seem to be stuck because it's been debatable whether he was Irish or not and whether his wife was Scottish? There is also some Native American blood in my family but hopefully my 3rd cousin will have that info? My uncle did research on my dad's side of the family when he was in college and we discovered that we are of Scotch/Irish descent and now it is starting to look like we are of the same descent on my mom's side of the family as well with some Native American blood thrown in too. This past year I have really become very interested in geneology and have been able to find out a lot by just googling names and dates. There is usually always somebody else trying to find the same person you are looking for or someone that they are closely related too.

Something else I've been doing this week is trying to do more cooking at home. I've found a lot of great recipes on youtube and done some variation with some of them. Some of the things I've made have been Shepherd's Pie, French Toast with fried apples, Crab Cakes, and Sticky Rice with Magos and Banana's. Chip really seemed to enjoy them:) Well I guess that's all for now:)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Nice Fun Day Yesterday:)

Well it's been a while since I blogged so I thought I'd talk about our day yesterday. Chip has been talking about this Chesapeake Heritage Day for about a month now because it had a civil war demo going on with the firing cannons and such so he was really excited to go. We left here between 11am - Noon. We get to the park and it was a pretty pitiful excuse for a festival. They have a huge park and only about two sections of it were being used with everthing spread out so you had to walk forever to get to a section you wanted to see. They had a food area with only about 4 vendors with only bbq, hot dogs, and hamburgers. An area for the civil war tents and demos which was not much of anything. They used to have a dedicated Civil War Days at the Chesapeake Public Library in the past few yrs but ended up closing that and putting them at the Heritage Festival which really must have limited what they could do there? They had a a tent for very few crafters and a few people demonstrating a few old time trades like blacksmith and weaving baskets. They also had a very small petting zoo and a demo of a sheep dog hearding sheep. For a Heritage Festival there really was not many heritages represented. We only stayed for about 1/2 hr. It really took less time than that to cover it although we did get BBQ w/ chips & drink for $5 as our lunch that took some time. Since we were so close to Greenbrier Mall we stopped there and did a little shopping and then since Chesapeake Square Mall was on the way home we decided to stop there too since we do not get to Chesapeake often. Once we got there we looked around and talked about the John Anderson concert at the Smithfield County Fair. Chip actually met him in Florida when he stayed there and worked for a while so he is a fan and I like his music too so since he was not going to go on til 9pm we decided to go ahead to that as well. We got there around 7pm and ran into Chip's brother in law and 2 kids. We then went to get some supper in the food court tent and I was able to get my favorite festival food "gyros". I ate one there and it was so good I had to get one to take home. I had the guy just put some meat on the bread and give me the sauce on the side. YUM!!! Although they were $8 they were huge and almost too much to eat. By this time my electric wheelchair was running down and on red which means it needs to be charged real soon so I went around and bummed some electricity from a very nice vendor who let me sit by his booth for a while to put more juice in my chair. I really wish we had gone to this fair for the day since it was pretty big and a lot more fun but I didn't really get the chance to enjoy it though since I had to take the time to juice up the chair and then go strait to the concert. John Anderson was great though and I'm really glad we got to go. By the time we got outta there it was around 11pm so we had been gone about 12 hrs and I had been up much earlier than before we left so I was dead tired last night. Overall though it was really a great day even though I had forgotten to put the sd card in the video camera and all the pictures I took with it are not there since there is no memory in the camera:( Well that's my blog for the day. Night:)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Day, Another Blog:)

Today 9/11/08 I took Chip to his doctor's appt, then went to dinner at Thai Erawan and then to Books A Million in a little strip mall area. We had a really nice dinner, I love Thai Food! I had this dish with lg. flat noodles, broccoli, chicken, and carrots in a sweet soy sauce with a little heat added to it (I can't remember the name of it though? DELICIOUS! I couldn't eat it all so I brought the rest home and shared it with Chip a little while ago. Chip had a dish called Perfectly Ginger (English translation?) with scallops, carrots, ginger, and rice. I had a small taste of it at the restaurant and it was delicious too. I bought some stuff to try to make my own version of his dish, I just hope I do justice to it when I try it. I also picked up the books I had ordered from Books A Million. A couple copies of the Boxcar kids series book #113 which talks about geocaching (I was surprised how accurate their info was in the book:) Well, I'm off now to get some Breyers Reese's ice cream outta the freezer. YUM!