Monday, October 13, 2008

A New Blog And Nice Visit

Yesterday I had a very nice visit with my granmother and my nephew. I have been gathering some geneology information on her family and wanted to take her what I found out so far and have her gather some pictures and verify the information. I've actually managed to find quite a bit so far. I left here around noon or so and picked up some chicken sandwiches from Hardees for her, myself, and my nephew Dylan and we had a nice lunch. My nephew Dylan lives right down the road from her and walked his dog down to visit while I was there. Once I showed her the family information I had typed up, it seemed to trigger memories of some of the family that she recognized and she began giving me little tidbits about each one. I asked her to look over the information in the next few days and write down or tape record anything she could remember about them and dig out some old photos for me to later put into a book. Today I also received an email from someone responding to the post I put up a few weeks ago on the message boards. He says that he is a distant relative of one of my ancesters and I look forward to corresponding with him. I showed the information to my nephew (who is 14 yrs old) but he really did not seem that interested but hopefully one day he will appreciate it. He is very much into history and reading a lot so maybe eventually he will become interested in geneology.

I have also created a new blog here on blogspot to keep a record of how I found my information so I can remember the journey for years to come at My grandmother will soon be 88 yrs old and is still going strong. Her mother lived to be almost 90 herself. It's nice to know that I have quite a few family members who lived very long and fullfilled lives. It gives me great hope:)