Monday, October 6, 2008

A Blog About Chip's Birthday Week

I thought I'd just blog about this past week again. Saturday was Chip's 47th birthday but we kind of start things a little early and keep it late as usual. We usually take a week to celebrate each others birthday because not all the family members can celebrate all at one time. On Friday I took Chip to the Red Lobster for their all you can eat shrimp deal which was absolutely delicious and then we had to go to Walmart to get some groceries. Usually about every year we try to outdo each other on the Happy Birthday wishes from different restaurants and stores so at dinner I had them come out at Red Lobster and sing Happy Birthday to him and then at Walmart I had them to make an announcement over the loud speaker wishing him a Happy 47th Birthday which I think sufficiently embarrassed him:) On Sat. his parents and his sister's family took us out for his birthday to Cracker Barrel which was great too. Sat. night is chicken and rice night which is incredibly good so we both got that. After dinner and looking around their store we all sat out on their front porch with all the rocking chairs and had a very nice hr to 2 hr family moment of remembering old tales of when he and his sister were little and having some nice laughs. He enjoyed this very much since usually 1 or 2 members of the family end up missing birhtday dinners for one reason or another and it's very unusual for everyone to get together. He is still talking about how nice it was to have everyone together. Tonight for dinner I am going to fix the frozen scallops since that is one of his favorite meals. I just hope I don't screw them up because I've never fixed them before? I may try 2 or 3 different methods of cooking them just to have a variety and see how he likes them best? Of course if we end up going to any more restaurants or going shopping in the next few day I have to see if I can embarrass him some more with the PA announcements:) Well that's my little blog for now:)

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