Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rihanna, Octomom, and Michael Vick : My 2 Cents Worth!

Three of the top stories that have been in the news recently are the story of Rihanna who was beaten up by her boyfriend Chris Brown, Octomom aka Nadya Suleman who gave birth to 8 children at once after having fertility treatments, and the case of Michael Vick who after being convicted of running dog fights is in bankruptcy court today wondering what his financial future will be once he gets out of jail.

These stories have been everywhere in the news. It’s gotten so you can’t really watch tv without hearing about one or all of them. I just thought I’d chime in with my 2 cents worth as if it really mattersJ

Rhianna and Chris Brown: This particular story really does strike a nerve with me! I’ve heard about the battered wife syndrome where a woman feels helpless if she doesn’t have man in her life even if he treats her like dirt. They tend to feel that if they left they wouldn’t have anywhere to turn and I can understand to a certain point how they feel. It is a scary world out there and if you have been supported by your significant other for a long period of time then it would be scary to think of starting life back out on your own. Not to mention, if you have kids within that relationship, then it would be an even harder struggle.

My personal opinion on this is that a woman or man for that matter should always have an idea of what they would do if the relationship were to go sour later and they would be faced to with starting their lives on their own. Most women, especially the older generations, were taught that they were supposed to get married, have kids, and be supported by their husbands and to pretty much stay in the relationship no matter what happened. Well, needless to say I totally do not agree with that idea.

Without actually knowing Rhianna and the “real” circumstances of the situation, it is still clear to me that she was beaten up by Chris Brown according to the police reports. That alone is why I believe Rhianna should cut all ties with Chris Brown. When I met Chip and realized that I wanted to have him in my life I made it perfectly clear to him from the beginning that if he ever hit me, cheated on me, or verbally abused me then I was gone! NO SECOND CHANCES! I believe people can change and I hope and pray that Chris Brown gets the help he needs but once something like that is done I believe it can stay with you forever and eat away at a relationship. If he gets the help he needs and does change his ways then maybe there is hope for him in another relationship.

Octomom aka Nadya Suleman: This is another story that really gets on my nerves! This woman already had 6 kids to start with and she didn’t even have a job to support them! Why the #%*@ did she have 8 more and all at one time to boot!!! My theory! She definitely planned to exploit them. I believe she got the idea to use the unused embryos probably after watching a show like Jon and Kate Plus 8 that airs on TLC and thought to herself “Hey if I can manage to have a lot of kids at once maybe I’ll get rich by getting my own tv show!” Now if I give the woman the benefit of the doubt, then maybe she is the type that really loves kids and wanted to have a big family? But, you don’t go out and have a bunch of kids if you don’t have a way of supporting them from the get go! Plans and dreams don’t always come true! The fact that she didn’t think this through makes me question her sanity but I’m not a doctor and her sanity is a whole other storyJ Now I do have to admit that I have watched that show Jon and Kate plus 8 a few times and I did enjoy it but both of them worked and had a way to support the kids before the reality tv show happened. Octomom had no job and was on welfare with 6 previous children before having the fertility treatments. What doctor in his right mind would even perform such a procedure for a single woman with no job and 6 kids already! I guess as long as “someone” paid for the surgery then I guess he couldn’t have cared less?

The thing I find funny about this though, is that if she had had these children one, two or three at a time as many women in America do; then she probably wouldn’t have the publicity she’s getting now and we would’ve never known about her and her situation? Back years ago when my grandparents grew up they were a part of a huge family. My grandfather himself was one of 14 kids and they were extremely poor in the mountains of West Virginia. No one thought twice of seeing a poor family with so many children or of the fact that their parents got married at the ages of 15 or 16 yrs of age? The shear fact that we even know about this woman and the fact she has such an opportunity to get rich by exploiting herself and her kids shows the power of the media these day. I wonder? If the media was not as powerful as it is today whether octomom still would of done what she did?

Michael Vick: Since I live in Virginia and somewhat close to the area of the house where Michael Vick lived and had his dog fighting, this has been a big ongoing story in these parts. Michael Vick was convicted of running a dog fighting ring and is now back in court today to have his financial fate decided for him.

I myself love animals and I believe that what Michael Vick did was terrible and I am happy that he is being punished for his crimes. Today he was in court again to have a judge decide his financial fate. Michael will explain his plans for future earnings and it will be decided whether he will file for bankruptcy. As for his plan to return back to football? NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he will review Michael’s status after he is released.

This is a story that really gets to me too! If he is allowed to return to football and earn millions of dollars again as if nothing ever happened then I will probably reconsider ever watching professional football again? At least I won’t watch the team that actually gives him a contract! I couldn’t imagine a team that would take him though? They would have to be out of their minds because they would be the most hated team in league! But? Stranger things have happened. As I stated before I do believe that people can change but I think they need to prove themselves again before they can even hope to gain the type of fortune they had before. And that would still have to be quite a bit of time before I would trust they wouldn’t do something stupid like that again.

Well that is my 2 cents worth about these stories. If you would like to express your opinion on these stories as well please feel free to do so in the comments section. Thank you.

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