Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Happy April Fool’s Day to everyone! I hope everyone has fun pulling good natured pranks on everyone today. Today also happens to be my mom’s birthday which means I am planning to go visit her. In the spirit of the day I thought I would research the origins of April Fools Day. Instead of repeating what the April Fool's Day Wiki page says, I’ll let you read it for yourselves's_Day It has a lot of theories on how the day started but not really an official tradition. I really enjoyed reading all the famous well known pranks done by all the companies (many of which I never knew about).

April also brings about the time when everyone catches Spring Fever. I know I have since we started having a few descent days of weather pop up every so often, although it does tend to bring the April Showers with it. Many people are planting their gardens and getting out more. I noticed quite a few people on twitter mentioning that they planted some things and got out of the house after a cold winter. Spring is one of my favorite times of the year and I really look forward to getting out and enjoying weather and taking little vacation trips whenever possible with Chip for a few days just to get away.

Something else not so fun is the rumor about an April Fool’s Day computer worm that is supposedly scheduled to damage a lot of computer systems today? Whether this is an April Fool’s joke or not, it is scary and I’m sure a lot of people don’t find it funny. Here is a link in case you have not heard about it Let me know in the comments section what you like to do when spring shows up and also any funny jokes you may have played on someone today. Don’t forget to check out my survey to the left of the blog too. There is not much time left before the latest one is closed. Thanks.

Happy Blogging!

P.S. I found this interesting video on you tube also, hope you enjoy!

April Fool! Didn't you read where it said scary popup? BWWWHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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