Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Have A Goal!

Hi all,

I just wanted to do a small post about a new goal that I've set for myself here at Nochipra's Blog Spot. I think it's a pretty realistic goal, maybe? It is to acquire 3 new followers to the blog per day. Now I know I have not been a blogger long and their are far more experienced and much better blogs than mine but I'm always willing to learn. If anyone has any constructive suggestions on how I could improve my blog please leave me a comment. I will try my best to come up with some good future content that hopefully will keep you following me. Thanks to the 6 followers I have now for having confidence in me and giviing me confidence by signing up as a follower.

Happy blogging,



  1. I think what you have here is great. When you look at some of the best blogs around today it is not always the most experienced business people or the power mongers that most people believe would be. Most of the times it is just everyday folk that are honest, insightful and give a blend of rant, thought and heart to their writing. For example your post about Chips hospital stay is all of these things and it is a great read. One thing about blogging that a lot of people do not realize is what Twitter can teach people. Like Twitter blogging is also about communicating with others, commenting on their sites an having an opinion about someone else's life other than your own. I believe blogging is the closest we get to self therapy and I would recommend it to anyone. But if you want to grow followers look into back link's and follow other blogs and help them. You are definitely a very kind person because you always check the links on Twitter and peoples blogs so you are going in the right direction. When you write you do it with passion which is something people will notice.

    The last point is really about the regularity of your posts and the content. Most people are sporadic or all over the place when they blog. Be consistent even if it is only once a week then people know how often they should return. If someone comes back every day for a week and sees no change it will not matter if you add ten posts the next week because they may not come back. As for content a lot of people are clearly defined about what they blog about. If you do many things then try to ensure your categories are clear and updated regularly as if they are sub blogs. You have a great blog here and if you enjoy writing it people will enjoy reading it. Like anything worth doing it's worth doing the right way and steadily.

    Good luck. Alan

  2. Thank you so much Alan for your insight and advice. I really do appreciate any advice I get since I am a newbie at this and can use every bit of knowlegde I can acquire. Thank you.