Sunday, March 22, 2009

Affiliate Marketing: You Learn Something New Every Day!

Affiliate Marketing? Do you know what it is? Well I didn’t until recently. In doing my research on social media and marketing in general, I kept coming across the term and it got my curiosity going. So, as I usually do I turned to you tube for the answer (you can learn almost anything on you tube) and this was a good answer to my question.

In addition to the Adsense ads that you can place on your blogs, participating in an affiliate marketing program seems to be a pretty good way if not more profitable way of earning extra cash from your writings. The main thing that has to be considered before participating in these types of programs though is building the traffic to your blog or website and that is where the social media comes in; where you promote your web site to generate the traffic by using twitter, face book, myspace, etc. It really makes you wonder how the world functioned before this new age technology showed up? You really can learn something new every day.

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  1. there is no limit to learning and acquiring new ideas. In affiliate marketing, you have to know the demands each day so that it will be easier for you to jump on the bandwagon.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog. I really appreciate the advice. Thanks