Thursday, March 19, 2009

Group Blog Experiment Results

NOTE: Hi, I am so sorry this post is late. Chip went into the hospital on the night of the 7th with high blood pressure, high sugar, low potassium, and pneumonia. I hope this has not discouraged anyone from checking on my blog posts since it’s been a couple of weeks but here is the result from my previous Group Blog Experiment. Please feel free to post your comments about my conclusions. Thank you.

Hi all,

Well a couple of weeks ago I added a blog post asking for people to participate in an experimental group blog. As of the deadline on March 7, 2009 at midnight, I received only one comment responding to my posted questions. I want to thank Chad Engle for participating and giving his opinion.

The question was:

Will Social Media Die Out? Will Some Other Form Take It’s Place? How Important Do You Feel Social Media Will Become Or Not?

Chad’s response was: “I feel that it will never die out. Sure it may come in other forms but humans are social beings and there for I think that we will always want to connect and see what other people are doing. Thats why reality tv does so well.”

Actually I totally agree with Chad! People are social beings that want to engage in conversations and interact with others, otherwise the world would be a sad and lonely place. Some of the first great inventions (and most popular) like the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, and the computers gave new life to the way people interacted with each other. I mean what else was their before that? Letters by pony express! Each one had it’s own hay day for that particular marvel of invention.

People are always looking for the newest and fastest way to interact with their fellow mankind. Being able to interact with another human being in a split second when you are on different ends of the planet has really been the ultimate goal and the birth of what is now known as social media. Social Media has had many different titles through the ages of inventions though. With the telgraph it was a telegram, with the telephone it was a phone call, with radio it was a broadcast, with television it was a program (taped or live), and with computers, well that just took on a whole new life itself.

As for the first part of the group blog experiment question: Will Social Media Die Out? I don’t believe it will EVER die out! As long as there are two humans on this planet, they will eventually try to communicate with each other even if they are far apart if possible. I believe that is just human nature. I mean just look at the space program? Humans are even trying to talk to other “beings” that may be in outer space?

Part two of the question was: Will Some Other Form Take It’s Place? In my opinion, of course! Now a days there is constantly some new way to communicate being invented at an astonishing rate. Just look at all the different kinds of phones there are on the market, the development of Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace to name a few? There will always be someone out there to improve on what is already on the market and make it better and faster or come up with some new way entirely to communicate. The human race is very creative when it wants to be.

The third part of the question was: How Important Do You Feel Social Media Will Become Or Not? Well in my opinion social media will always, always, always be extremely important. It will never not be important. Just look at how businesses use social media today? Most businesses wouldn’t even exist without social media? Just look at how many businesses there would not be if the computer had never been invented? Most “standard” type businesses wouldn’t be as successful if they didn’t have social media to help advertise themselves. To be able to communicate, socialize, and sell your business (your livelihood) is what life is all about and without it there really is no “life” at all!


  1. Hi Nora,

    Just visiting your site for the first time. I know you and your boyfriend are facing health issues. My heart goes out to you. I am disabled also. I have had open heart surgery, after nearly dying twice and finally being given 90 days to live before ending in surgery.
    Anyway your group blog effort was the victim of general apathy I believe, which is rampant in this country.
    The United States is heading for some serious trouble and this coming week economic report coming out and it's going to be worse than anyone imagined. Things are going to get scary if people don't wake up.
    Guess I can't spend all my time horseracing...LOL
    Good Blog my friend.


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Sound like you have had a time with you health as well. I hope your health improves with each day. Take care