Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Day, Another Blog:)

Today 9/11/08 I took Chip to his doctor's appt, then went to dinner at Thai Erawan and then to Books A Million in a little strip mall area. We had a really nice dinner, I love Thai Food! I had this dish with lg. flat noodles, broccoli, chicken, and carrots in a sweet soy sauce with a little heat added to it (I can't remember the name of it though? DELICIOUS! I couldn't eat it all so I brought the rest home and shared it with Chip a little while ago. Chip had a dish called Perfectly Ginger (English translation?) with scallops, carrots, ginger, and rice. I had a small taste of it at the restaurant and it was delicious too. I bought some stuff to try to make my own version of his dish, I just hope I do justice to it when I try it. I also picked up the books I had ordered from Books A Million. A couple copies of the Boxcar kids series book #113 which talks about geocaching (I was surprised how accurate their info was in the book:) Well, I'm off now to get some Breyers Reese's ice cream outta the freezer. YUM!

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