Saturday, August 30, 2008

Great Couple of Weeks!

These last couple of weeks have been pretty nice. Last week Chip and I did some housesitting for his parents while his parents and his sister's family went to Nags Head. We had the whole house to ourselves which was nice out on the lake. We came home this past Monday and have been spending some lazy days here at home and then today we went to the Geocaching Hampton Roads 6th Annual Picnic. We got there a little late but there was plenty of food left, then we went to do some geocaches in the park. We got 4 in the park and one on the way home. I gave away a few of our signature pins and did some geocoin trading too. We stopped at City Center on the way home because we thought that the Va Symphony was going to be giving a free concert by the big fountain but when we got there the stage was empty so we went to find the cache that was located next to the Omni Hotel there anyway. I went into the Omni to ask if the symphony was playing tonight but they told me they had played last night! BUMMER!!! Oh well, at least we found another cache and it was not a total wasted trip to stop. The funny thing was that when we went to get the cache it was in a far corner of a parking lot and there was a car parked there with a young couple in it. I think they were making out:) We heard a lot of giggling while looking for the cache. I don't think they paid us any mind though. Overall it was a great day with great weather and thank goodness it didn't rain although it was pretty much overcast all day. We also won a door prize of a tb/coin too:) Lots of fun! Here are some pics of the picnic

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