Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm back! I'm Making Youtube Videos Now, Check Them Out

Hi all,

I'm so sorry I have not kept up with this blog, I have been doing a lot of other things and lately I have been into posting videos on youtube, so I decided to use my blog here to show them off. I hope you enjoy them and please leave a comment and subscribe if you do. Here are my latest ones and I've added the link to my youtube channel in the link section. I've been making videos more often now a days.

Thanks, Nora

Best Christmas Drive Thru - Celebration In Lights - Newport News Park, VA

Christmas Time Music - Peninsula Youth Orchestra Pt. 1 - Patrick Henry Mall

Christmas Time Music - Peninsula Youth Orchestra Pt 2 - Patrick Henry Mall

Best Christmas Mood Music - Relaxing Fireplace & Fireworks

Christmas Time at MacArthur Center Mall - Santa & Ice Skating set to Manheim Steamroller

Young Hibachi Chef Accidently Drops Egg On Me - Funny!

Best Christmas Decorated House - Hampton, VA set to Manheim Steamroller 2009

Rod Stewart Impersonator At The Pub In Hampton, VA

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